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It All Starts with Planning

Yogi Berra once said, "You've got to be careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there." As whimsical and perplexing as it sounds, there is great significance in this saying when it comes to your financial future. It is critical to have direction with your finances and a set of clear objectives that drive your actions. Otherwise, you are leaving one of the most important aspects of your life up to chance.

Financial Planning

We strive to learn and discover as much as we can about your desired destination to aid our construction of a plan to help get you there. This process starts with a deep dive into your ambitions, desires, needs and fears. Once your objectives have been established, we focus on mapping out the optimal route to success, serving as your guide along the way.

We understand the personal nature and complexities of financial planning. Our experience and commitment to staying informed give our team the resources needed to develop and execute a plan that aligns with your goals.

Investment Management

Our team includes experienced portfolio managers and investment analysts. The combination of these strengths gives us the ability to develop an investment solution that fits your specific situation. Whether we manage your money in-house using our top-down approach, or select outside managers to fulfill individual needs and preferences, we have the tools, resources and experience to deliver a solution that is exclusively focused on your interest and objectives.

At the core of each solution is strategic asset allocation, not just among stocks, bonds and cash, but alternative asset classes, as well. We believe combining the right mix of investments is key to managing risk over the long-term. However, shorter-term tactical shifts are often required to help keep risk in-check, and you on the right path.

We are insatiably focused on the market environment to help us determine strategies and the necessity of future adjustments. This process involves searching for opportunities that may not be currently in vogue or dominating the headlines of financial media. We believe the end result is an investment strategy that you feel comfortable with, in both good and bad times.

Risk matters. It is a mathematical fact that losses matter more than gains.

Whether you are focused on the accumulation or preservation of wealth, risk management is the defining principle of our investment philosophy. We focus on both risk management, as well as the current and future liquidity requirements of our clients. We take a macro view of the markets and "dial up" or "dial down" risk when we believe the market environment demands action. The goal is to get you where you want to be with minimal risk.

Estate Planning

While an investment policy may be the cornerstone to successful investing, a clearly written estate plan can help ensure that legacy assets pass to beneficiaries in accordance with your wishes. Often assets pass from generation to the next without the sharing and passing of the legacy that created the wealth. “Legacy” refers to the values held by one generation that they desire future generations to honor and live by.

These values include the importance of family connection, giving back to the community and ways of raising future generations that you want your family members to adhere to. It is an implicit responsibility that goes along with inheritance, and it is often very difficult for families to discuss. Our goal is to provide you with the structure, knowledge and resources to help your family establish governance for the earnings, saving, spending and sharing of your family's capital.

Family meetings are a great way for your family to address issues such as owning and enjoying a shared family asset, lending money to family members, preparing the next generation for the responsibility of ownership, or simply sharing other legacy families’ best practices.

Business Retirement Solutions

Businesses have many different options when developing an employee retirement plan, ranging from a SEP (Simplified Employee Pension Plan), to the more complex defined contribution or defined benefit plan. Choosing the right plan for your business’s needs can be difficult, but we’re here to help you find the answers.

As a fiduciary of your firm’s plan, it is important to understand the responsibilities you have to your plan’s participants. We will guide you through a process that addresses important aspects of plan design, investment policy, due diligence and ongoing communication.

Philanthropic Consulting

We believe philanthropy is what brings families and communities together. We work with our clients to help realize their philanthropic goals. Our services include:

• Investment Policy Development and Review
• Portfolio Management & Review
• Network of Service Providers
• Non-Profit Due Diligence
• Private Foundation Services
• Working with the next generation of philanthropists


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